Ghost of Christmas Presents 2014 Part Two – My Makie, Pocofaux

28 Dec

For Christmas, I asked Santa (Aka Mr Bat) for a present that I probably wouldn’t have ever got round to buying myself – a Makie. At £69 plus postage, they are really quite reasonably priced for a unique, designable, fully jointed, fully-dressed doll, but I am always so busy chasing bargains while they are fresh that I probably would have told myself “next month” forever.

If you haven’t heard of Makies – well, where have you been? They seem to have really taken off recently and many of my online doll acquaintances have one or two. Makielab Ltd are a UK based company (*proudface* – and for once, no import fee worries either) who use 3d printing technology to allow you to design your own doll’s face. You can also pick gender, skin tone and hairstyle. And then they make it for you. Isn’t that amazing?

Here is the doll I designed using the Makie tool (which you can find on the site, here, or there ‘s an app available at the Apple App Store if you prefer – I ended up using a combination of both, over several design sessions, to get her just right):


As you can see, I went for the palest skin tone and an Asian kind of face. This is a look I had always admired on the Makies I had seen on Instagram (@officialmakies if you want a look, they sometimes post pics of dolls about to ship which is always interesting). I was all primed to change her name but Makielab have a random name generator that kicks in when you complete a doll online, and I liked her Makiename, Pocofaux, so much that we ended up keeping it. Here is Pocofaux still in her packaging after she arrived a few weeks later (I was allowed a sneak peek before Christmas, but strictly no playing – curses):


Not a bad resemblance, eh? She turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted her to look, and I’m delighted with her. I gave her a little face-up (not much, as I wanted her to keep that “Makie” look) and some eyelashes, and I also gave her rather unruly wig a boil wash – like a newly-rooted doll, it was kind of flyaway and had a tendency to fall forward and obscure her face. Here she is in the garden today:








In case you are wondering, her knitted dress was made by my sister for a Barbie doll. Makies, at 10 inches tall, are shorter than Barbies and their limbs are proportionally shorter, so what should have been three quarter length sleeves are full-length and what should have been a mid-thigh length hem on Barbie is knee-length. I’ve done a little bit of experimenting with Barbie clothes and some of the looser items fit OK, I’m planning on sewing some stuff too. Shoes are a different matter, as Makies have big, flat feet that are nowhere near Barbie size. For this reason, we ordered some extra shoes from the Makie site:



As you can see, the industrial boots she wears in the photos (one of the extra pairs I bought) require the removal of her foot. They then attach to the ball joint of her ankle. I did have some trouble getting them on, and was just on the point of writing to Makielab to ask for an exchange when they snapped into place! The red animal slippers came with the outfit she was wearing and, like the bunny slippers, they fit on her existing feet. I am rather disappointed that the animal ears seem to be a little squashed but I’m not about to make a fuss about it, it’s hardly noticeable.

Overall? One of the best presents I have had for YEARS. I adore her. I can’t stop looking at her. Unfortunately for my purse and fortunately for Makielab, I have now designed about three more of these fabulous creatures, and sooner or later I’ll probably get round to ordering another one …

PS. If you want to read a “proper” Makie review, I highly recommend you check out this post at Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter, which (if I remember right?) is where I heard about these dolls first …

ADDITIONAL: Just for Kewpie, here is a raw, unfiltered picture of Pocofaux in the daylight:



7 Responses to “Ghost of Christmas Presents 2014 Part Two – My Makie, Pocofaux”

  1. Andrea December 28, 2014 at 11:17 pm #

    I’m glad she turned out like you wanted her to be. Since she has a ball joint when you remove her feet, then maybe some Bratz boots and shoes might be an option to get more shoes for her.

    • barbielea December 30, 2014 at 10:25 am #

      Thankyou Andrea 🙂 one of my doll acquaintances has been experimenting with this and apparently she can kind of wear Bratz Boys boots, but they don’t click on – she just has to stand in them. I wish it were that easy! As the shoes are 3d printed too so quite expensive. Still, I have a head start now with my three pairs, and if I do end up getting another Makie I’ll choose a stock outfit with different shoes …

  2. kewpie83 December 30, 2014 at 1:51 am #

    Oh, are those the black eyes? How do they look when they’re not being photographed with a filter? I very nearly put them in my newest Makie, but was worried that I wouldn’t like them in photographs. Of course, your Makie looks ADORABLE! I love the asian inspired ones. I may try that next.

    • barbielea December 30, 2014 at 10:36 am #

      Hi Kewpie 🙂 the top photograph (where she’s pre- face-up and still in her tube) is unfiltered, but as its in electric light, I took another this morning which I have added to the post for you. On this photo, you can see another problem I have encountered – I love the white skin tone but as you can see, it’s hard to photograph as you tend to get glare. Duh! Never thought of that! I’d like to go for the cool caramel if I get another one, but then they couldn’t share hand packs, so I’m not sure what to do …

      Thanks, I’m glad you like her 🙂

      • kewpie83 December 30, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

        I picked up a hand pack this time around, too, but for my dark skinned girl (to share with my moms in the same color). They don’t exactly match, though, being ordered at a different time from my Makie. You were smart to order your hands at the same time as your Makie!

        Thanks for uploading the photo! They look really good on this super light skin tone and have more depth than I thought they would when I looked at the 2D images.


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