Getting Ghostly Rochelle Goyle

16 Feb

Rochelle was my “surprise” Valentine gift this year (thanks Mr Bat xxx). She had just arrived at Asda when we spotted her – this is the UK branch of Walmart and I’m pretty sure that she’s exclusive to these stores, although I’ve also heard that in some countries she’s on general release, so maybe not.

This wave, “Haunted”, features our favourite characters made over as ghosts, and I’m impressed by how much is different. Even the brushes and the stands are recoloured, chain-themed and translucent:


I like this – keeps things fresh. The doll herself is recognisably Rochelle – same colour scheme, same fleur de lis pattern theme – but she has that otherworldly, glowy look that the designers have given all the Getting Ghostly dolls:


Things I particularly like about this doll:

* LOVE the “blade runner” makeup – it’s not a new Monster High gimmick, but it looks as good as ever on this wave
* Rochelle’s hair is wonderful. I always like Rochelle with a good amount of blue in her hair. It’s very soft, thick and silky and it contains zero styling gunk.
* Rochelle is particularly freckly in this wave.
* Her dress is beautiful, featuring a dark blue layer of gauze over a grey sheath with a black fleur de lis pattern. I especially like the black PVC “bib” at the neckline, which has a really cute ruffled collar.
* The shoes. Isn’t it always the shoes?


* Lastly, in the box Rochelle carries a large chain with an hourglass on it. Turns out that this is a replica of the one that she is wearing on her wrist – for me! How thoughtful …


I’m not sure I dislike anything about this doll. Maybe this is because I’m just wow’ed to find such a new release on the shelves in the UK? Dunno. I would say that if you are after Rochelle, pick carefully. Mr Bat (bless him) asked me what to look out for in order to pick a good one, so I’ll give you the same advice:

* I saw five or six of these dolls in the shops and at least three had uneven eye makeup, with the “band” across the eyes being thicker or darker on one side. So, make sure you check yours.
* As I said, the freckles are more prominent on this doll than on other models and this means you need to look out for annoying freckle clusters
* At least two of the dolls I saw had poorly sewn dresses, with the black PVC bib attached off-centre. Not good!

Avoid these pitfalls and I think you’ve got yourself a primo example of how well Monster High is keeping its edge in 2015. I’m at the P’s again, so here’s Rochelle’s outdoor photoshoot:








One Response to “Getting Ghostly Rochelle Goyle”

  1. Andrea February 18, 2015 at 10:30 pm #

    I have not seen them in our stores yet. Rochelle looks great and I like the way her hair turned out. Love the last picture, it looks like she is just coming out of a cave.

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