Adventures in Rebodying 14 – AA Body Swaps 

11 Apr

I’m currently supposed to be on (another) doll detox and consequently trying to resist buying, but I haven’t done very well this month. Firstly, I spent some birthday vouchers I had and put £5 to it to get myself a new Lea (I’ll post her soon). This wasn’t a huge slip, I felt bad about it but I thought, it’s a LEA – what am I supposed to do? Second, I spent another £5 on the current-release Skipper I posted about a few weeks ago. Again, not much money but it was still naughty. Thirdly, when I ordered my new Makie (again, soon :)) it was pre-paid but then I ordered extra items – I had my reasons, but don’t I always? Then, I spent another voucher on some new-release doll clothes – no money exchanged hands but it’s the principle of the thing! Now, I’ve done something that there is no excuse for. I saw some pivotal dolls going cheap (cheaper than I have seen them for many months) so I bought a few. Big fat doll ban fail! I have sworn that I will try to do better next month … 

But. Regardless of this, I am delighted with the rebodying results. It’s made a big difference to some dolls I’ve wanted to swap the bodies on for ages. Want to see? 




The Diana Ross haired lady is a “My First Barbie” from 1993, I first posted about her here. (Sorry about the rubbish quality pics on that post, by the way – I was just starting out then). I have always loved this doll, but with her old-style body, white legs and ballet feet, there are limited opportunities to use her in pics. After rebodying I was a bit worried that we might have to go back to her original because her head was quite loose on her new neck and had a tendency to be pulled backwards by the weight of her hair. But I rebody by pouring boiling water over the neck joint and this morning after she had had a chance to dry out, her head movement had tightened up. So it worked out after all.

 The second lady was a makeover, you can see the original post I wrote here (you’ll notice that on this post I identified her by her sculpt – Nichelle from the Shani and Friends range – but I’ve since managed to identify her more accurately as a Florida Christie from 1998). I think she’s probably one of the best makeovers I’ve ever done, I’d love to try doing this hairstyle again. It is quite time-consuming, but worth it. I actually found her really hard to dress, although I had a vague but definite (if you know what I mean) idea about what her style should be. By the way, I made her top a while ago, out of an old tie. Ties are great sources of material for doll clothes, the patterns are small and detailed and the fabric is thin …. Anyway, I think she looks great. I’m very happy with them both! What do you think? 

Ps. Just in case you are interested – the body donor in both cases was Baby Phat Kara. I already own a version of this doll so I had an opportunity to compare colours beforehand.


5 Responses to “Adventures in Rebodying 14 – AA Body Swaps ”

  1. Taswegian1957 April 11, 2015 at 1:52 pm #

    I hadn’t thought of ties as doll dress material. Will have to look at Hubby’s old ties. He never wears them and those he has are probably from the 70s.

    • barbielea April 11, 2015 at 8:14 pm #

      You could make some great things from them Taswegian! I’m always on the lookout for bargain ties in charity shops – if they’re old-fashioned, even better!

  2. Andrea April 13, 2015 at 2:14 am #

    I wish those Karas would be in our stores. They match great. About those doll detoxes: they aren’t working out for me neither. Everytime I try, my favorite store seems to have markdowns on MH or Barbies I like. I’m sure, they are doing this on purpose just to spoil my “no new dolls” resolutions. Resisting to buy a Lea? No way! That “tie”-Top looks very nice.

    • barbielea April 17, 2015 at 9:46 am #

      Thankyou Andrea 🙂 the tie top worked out well, but I decided it didn’t suit the doll I made it for. So it’s nice to get some use out of it.

      Yes, I’m with you – sellers do it on purpose. So far in the last two months, I have resisted reasonably-priced versions of: my most-wanted Elizabeth Taylor doll, White Diamonds (that one hurt, let me tell you), my most-wanted AA 1987 Skipper (I nearly cried) and a beautiful Dollikin Action Girl who needed minor repair (I have been after one for years). I know the answer is to not look, but I can’t help myself!! What will become of us? Lol! X

      • Andrea April 18, 2015 at 6:50 pm #

        Helpless doll addicts, we’re doomed. Lol

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