EAH Hanami Part 1 – Thronecoming Raven

29 Apr

So, as discussed in the last post, it’s cherry blossom season again, and cherry blossom season means doll Hanami season, of course. I’ve been saving up my Ever After High recruits for this, as I think their fairytale themes and stunning outfits suit the occasion very well. I just can’t get enough of these dolls – quite literally, as the prices are generally high compared to the MH crew, for instance. Well, maybe this is deserved, as the quality of the design and the production is second to none among contemporary playline dolls. 

For example, the Thronecoming wave. These dolls are just breathtaking. I bought a Raven on extreme sale, which I still can’t quite believe. I mean, look at her. 

This doll makes me think of several fantasy looks that I love – Princess Lily in the 80s film Legend, the goblins in the ballroom scene in Labyrinth (showing my age there I think, haha). I particularly like her super-long purple hair, which I would love to take down and mess with, and that huge, Elizabethan-style ruff. 


Downsides? Dunno – I suppose I’m still not a fan of the spots on the bottom lip. I think they look good from a distance, but just weird close-up. Because Thronecoming Raven has silver spots on her very dark purple lips, they really draw the eye in a way I’m not completely sure about. That’s the only thing, though – the rest of her is pretty much perfect. I know that some people do not like dolls with coloured hands that are meant to suggest gloves (Raven’s hands are black) but personally I don’t mind this.  I think that it’s certainly a better solution than the horrible mitten gloves that Barbie is often given. 

Anyhoo, I have three more EAH-and-cherry-blossom posts to come. I’ve photographed another one after this, but when the other two turn up will complete depend on the British weather 🙂 I shall hope for sunny days with free time, wish me luck … 




4 Responses to “EAH Hanami Part 1 – Thronecoming Raven”

  1. amystika18n April 29, 2015 at 10:53 pm #

    Raven’s beautiful! I think the best solution re: gloves is for Mattel and other manufacturers to include two sets of hands for glove-wearing characters-one permagloved set and one normal set for those outfits that don’t work with gloves.

    • barbielea April 30, 2015 at 8:23 pm #

      That’s a pretty good idea Amy … Wouldn’t it be great if they sold interchangeable hands in different poses too?

  2. Andrea May 1, 2015 at 1:15 am #

    Raven is so up my alley. She is my favorite EAH character, followed closely by Maddie.

    Yes they are pricey, maybe that is the reason, why there is only one toystore in my area, that is still offering them. They are on sale right now, so I snatched Hat-tastic Teaparty Cerise, but her sale price is still almost twice the sum of reduced MH dolls. I was tempted to get this Raven as well, but the Thronecoming line was still short of 30 Euros, so I passed on her. Your pics are tempting, though.

    A second set of hands would be great, but I somehow doubt, Mattel will do us such a favor.

    • barbielea May 1, 2015 at 7:30 am #

      Hi Andrea 🙂 oh, I love Hattastic Maddie, congrats! If you shop online, I suggest you look up this Raven. I have seen her going for about £13.50 on Amazon, although rather amazingly I got her cheaper than this in a different sale …

      Yes, the hand solution is probably only something they would do with collector dolls for adults 😦 it’s still a great idea, though …

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