Barbiebeauties 4th Anniversary – Cool for Cats 

17 May

So, it’s that time again. I’ve been writing this blog for four years now, can you believe it??

Last year, I posted about three new Leas – one for every year I’d been going. This year, I am in the middle of a drive to limit my new doll acquisitions, so I initially I didn’t think I had FOUR new things to show you. Of course, with a bit of forward planning, I could have made four new outfits or done something else themed around four (I like setting myself little challenges like that, it gets me focussed) but to be honest, I completely forgot about it.

Still, when I actually looked, I found fodder for at least three posts I could have done. I settled on showing you some of my favourite things – four beautiful cat-themed dolls that I haven’t posted about yet. I LOVE cat dolls. For starters, I am a cat person and own three real ones myself. I think there’s something fresh and just terribly cool about human-animal hybrid dolls (probably because they are popular in Japan). And of course, cats are easy on the eye, lithe and graceful, so they make great-looking dolls.

So first up, here is the first of two Monster High dolls I’m going to feature today, Coffin Bean Toralei:


This is my second Toralei, my first being the wonderful Catwoman-themed version from the Power Ghouls wave. Coffin Bean Toralei is more simply attired and maybe her outfit is a little “meh”, but I think her face and colouring (the enormous green eyes!!) are irresistible. You will also see that her hair stripes are more subtle and less painted-looking than some other versions. Her hair has had a little work. She came out of the box in pretty poor condition, even the back had longer, poorly trimmed pieces and the fringe was a disaster – the top gelled down rock-hard with an uneven, fluffy layer underneath. Never mind, I think she looks OK after a trim and a brush-through.

Next, a doll from the Bratzillaz “Back To Magic” wave:


I suppose that you may or may not see Sashabella Paws as cat-themed. She is actually a witch whose special power is being able to talk to animals. Unlike the Monster High cats, she doesn’t have ears or a tail, but she does have striking green resin eyes with a vertical slit, so I’m counting her in. She also has a tattoo of a big cat of some kind on her thigh (I don’t really like the Bratzillaz tattoos myself, but there you go) and cat-head earrings:

I’ve always been conflicted about Sashabella. On the one hand, it’s a great concept and she’s nicely designed, but like the other Bratzillaz, the materials used to make her and her outfit aren’t as high-quality as they could be, and I still prefer the Monster High face sculpts. What sold me on this one was her retro outfit. The blouse with the groovy pattern and the full sleeves – yes! Her colour scheme is unusual and attractive, and lastly I love the “v” shaped fringe. Overall, I’m very happy to have her.

 Number three is the only doll I own from the Twilight Teens range, Panthera: 


For those of you unfamiliar with the Twilight Teens, they are a range of articulated dolls from Simba (who also make Steffie Loves, among other things) which are obviously, er, inspired by Monster High. I saw this lady at a discount shop about a year ago and found myself buying her. I wasn’t sure at the time, but the more I look at her, the more I like her. Her face is really rather adorable and although she doesn’t have ears, which would have been nice, she does have a rubbery tail which, unlike the Monster cats, is permanently attached and doesn’t fall out all the time. I love her leotard, don’t you?

Lastly, one of my favourite purchases of recent times, Monster High’s Catrine from the Ghoul Chat two pack:


As soon as I saw this two-pack, I knew I would get it if I possibly could. It wasn’t actually easy to find or particularly cheap when I did find it, but it was worth it. Catrine looks wonderful in this wave. Unlike her earlier version, her hair, which is simply styled in a side ponytail, is soft and ungelled. The use of colour, with the brightest pinks and purples around the eyes, is perfect, I love the girly frill on the bodice of her dress and her boots, which have little ears and tails details on them. I think she’s probably my favourite cat doll.
What do you think – which one do you like best? Let me know 🙂

Finally, thanks again for all your comments, advice and support over the last year, and always. It means a lot! Hugs x



4 Responses to “Barbiebeauties 4th Anniversary – Cool for Cats ”

  1. Lovely Strife May 21, 2015 at 7:11 am #

    Congrats on 4 years! I love the dolls. It is always fun to see different doll maker’s take on a design.

  2. Andrea May 24, 2015 at 1:28 pm #

    Conratulations on your fourth blog anniversary! The second picture of Toralei ist adorable, rrrroar. Sashabellas earrings are so cute. It’s funny, I had Pantera in my hands at a dollar store yesterday. But I put her back on the shelf again, since we were going to a fleamarket later which earned me some Fashionista body donors. May be I’ll get that kitty later. She photographs nicely. The Monster Chat Catrine is the cutest Catrine version, so I couldn’t resist this 2 pack either. The Rochelle from this set is very lovely too.

    • barbielea May 25, 2015 at 7:13 pm #

      Thankyou Andrea 🙂 glad you liked them. I’d defintely recommend Panthera, I don’t like the others from this range but she is lovely 🙂

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