Makies Makeover – SilverGrey 

24 May

Hi 🙂 so, this weekend I spent some time making over two of my Makies. I actually started off with my first Makie, Pocofaux. Poor Poco had taken a tumble onto her face while I was photographing her on the lawn, so her need was greater. However, once I’d finished it seemed unfair to leave SilverGrey, so I repainted her, too. I’m starting with SilverGrey because I’ve made her a new outfit today. I’ll have to post Poco’s new look another day, as I really can’t face repeating this exercise right now – hand sewing is pretty labour intensive. 

First, I’ll just tell you about the faceup (guess who forgot to take “during” pictures again??):

* I dismantled my Makies by un lipping the head cap, removing the eyes and taking the remaining faceplate off the neck. All very quick and easy to do.

* I managed to remove the current faceups from both dolls with an eraser (just a normal one you’d use for rubbing out pencil) and a quick dip in plain water. I think the minimal Makielab faceup had been done with watercolour pencil and this was also what I had used to enhance them. There was some slight staining, but nothing major – a faint pink residue on the lips and darker residue round the eyes and eyebrows. The worst staining was actually on SilverGrey and had been caused by the eyelash glue which I had used to attach the false eyelashes I’d applied after getting her. I’d slipped with this and it had mingled with the black watercolour pencil at the edge of her eyelid to make a stubborn mark. I managed to make this better, but not to completely get rid of it – I had to work hard to disguise it by laying down a foundation of white chalk on the eyelids when I was at the painting stage. 

* I’d watched this video about preparing a Makie for faceups, so I started by watering down some PVA glue, applying a layer and leaving it to dry before painting. This is meant to make it easier to remove the faceup next time you need to repaint. I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s worth a try. 

* Next, I did the faceups. I don’t have a decent sealant so I’ll probably need to re-do them again periodically, but anyway. I used a combination of chalk pastels, watercolour pencils and real makeup. Using real makeup really goes against the grain when you’re used to vinyl dolls, as it creates major damage on these in the long term – while I understand that Makies are made of a very different material, I was still very nervous about it. I had seen a Makielab -approved tutorial on using makeup to do Makie faceups a while ago, but when I looked again this weekend I couldn’t find it again. In the end, I used a small amount of pale-coloured eyeshadow, but nothing dark and no eyeliner. I only did this after reading up on the Makie forums and also receiving some reassurances from my Makie-painting acquIntances. By the way, Makielab seems to have tested makeup, going from what I read on the forum, but have not yet researched the effects of most common makeup removers in the longer-term.worth bearing in mind. 

* Eyelash time! I love eyelashes on Makies, they are a must for me. However, previous experiments had not gone well. Firstly I had tried using some fabric glue, which just didn’t set at all. Then, I considered using something stronger but was worried it might damage the material the Makies are made from. Finally, an Instagram acquaintance informed me that she had used PVA to good effect, so I tried that – it worked, hallelujah! No more eyelashes hanging off!  

* Last minute, I added a star sticker to her forehead. I think it suits her character and style very well. Here she is – 


I made her dress today from an old tie, which I’d picked up from a charity shop for £1 yesterday. I’d originally intended to use this fabric for Catrine, but I think the colours suit her really well. I can’t wait to make her more stuff, although I’ll have to do something for Pocofaux first (she’s actually trickier to design for, I’m finding). 

Anyway, I hope you like her – I’m very pleased with how she’s turned out.  


5 Responses to “Makies Makeover – SilverGrey ”

  1. Jill Sawyer Phypers May 24, 2015 at 5:48 pm #

    Ah, lovely. And I love your photos. I got a Makie last week. I’d held off for ages, but what with the sale and all… I’m not brave enough to think about face ups yet, but I discovered that my 1950s Vogue Jill clothes fit perfectly – including the shoes.

    • barbielea May 25, 2015 at 6:33 pm #

      Thankyou Jill 🙂 do you ever take pics of your dolls? I’d love to see your Makie! I had a look the Vogue Jill dolls online, they do look a similar shape. I’m surprised about the shoes, though, as the Jill dolls seem to have high-heel feet – do you have the mid or high feet for your Makie?

      • Jill Sawyer Phypers May 25, 2015 at 6:58 pm #

        I do take some doll photos and I’ve put some on Flickr. But I do mainly wildlife photography and my Flickr stream looks a bit weird as a result!

        My Makie has flat feet but because you can move her ankles you can fit the shoes on OK if they have a closed toe. They aren’t a perfect fit, but they are all right. You would need a higher, arched foot if you wanted to use high open-toed shoes though.

  2. Andrea June 1, 2015 at 10:41 pm #

    She turned out great and the dress is adorable on her. I love the second picture. It looks like she is showing off her new dress.

    • barbielea June 3, 2015 at 10:08 pm #

      Thankyou Andrea, I was quite pleased with how it all turned out. I would love to make some more Makie things, I need to design some patterns for them …

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