Dolls who got Dressed in the Dark etc

24 Jul

Hi 🙂 so, today is my last day on holiday, and we’ve had a great time. I had several carefully-planned posts I wanted to do, but they kind of got lost in a whirlwind of rockpooling, walking on the beach, swimming, sauna-ing, visiting castles etc etc, so last night when I had got back from taking my son to the cinema, I grabbed some dolls and ran to the beach. I didn’t have time to dress them very carefully, so possibly they look a bit random – but here goes anyway …


Doll number one was an outstanding charity shop find. Actually, I don’t even know why I bring dolls to Wales, as I always seem to find good stuff here. She is, of course, a first-wave Generation Girl Lara, and I’ve been meaning to get her for years. It’s been far too long since I added to the GG collection, so she is very welcome! (In case you’re wondering about the second picture – the walk to the beach involves taking a path through a wildlife preserve).


Doll number two is one who I brought with me, meaning to write a post on her and her Fashionista sisters. She’s from the new wave of Fashionistas and as you can see, she has had a rebody. This meant using up one of my precious pale bodies, but she was worth it. Her head sculpt is the same as Glam Hair’s, which I am told is actually a hybrid of a Mackie and a Generation Girl.


Doll number three is a LIV clone, and I actually think she’s prettier than LIV. shes another Welsh Charity shop find. I think I’ve seen these on eBay before, but I’m impressed with her in the plastic. She is marked on “Xishi Toy” on her back, so I’m guessing she came from China, like so many other clone dolls. As one of my doll acquaintances recently said, she has that “Asian doll” look, kind of like a cheapo J-Doll or a smiling Kurhn. I originally bought her to steal her body, but I think she’s going to be staying now …


Doll number four is a rather striking green-eyed Theresa, isn’t she lovely? I bought her with Lara, so it’s possible they belonged to the same child. I do like this sculpt. Does anybody have any ID ideas? I don’t recognise her and I don’t have time to do research right now.

As an added bonus, here’s some pictures of the Makies having a good time:

See you on the other side!


6 Responses to “Dolls who got Dressed in the Dark etc”

  1. Teresa B July 24, 2015 at 8:20 pm #

    I love the male Makie. The hair is outrageous! 🙂 Beautiful pictures as always. I like the Liv clone too. And great finds at the shops!

    • barbielea July 24, 2015 at 9:27 pm #

      Hi Teresa! Oh yes, I forgot that I haven’t introduced my male Makie here yet! His name is Haxway. Haha yes I love his spiky hair 🙂 it’s not usually this spiky though, it was quite windy! Thanks

  2. amystika18n July 25, 2015 at 4:32 am #

    These dolls should dress in the dark all the time-they look great! Random clothing combos are very popular now by the way. I agree that your Liv clone is prettier than her inspiration-I’d suggest Amaya (which Nameberry tells me is “night rain” in Japanese) for a name for her. We’ve got a little bit of synchronicity going on here-her circle-print dress is the same dress one of my favorite My Scene dolls, Jammin’ in Jamaica Delancey, is wearing right now!

    • barbielea July 26, 2015 at 4:09 pm #

      Haha thanks Amy 🙂 Amaya is such a pretty name, but I already named her Katie. My next one will be called Amaya – I’m on the lookout now 🙂 I LOVE this dress! I should use it more ….

  3. Andrea July 26, 2015 at 12:15 am #

    Great finds and wonderful dreamy pictures, Lea. The dolls look great in their holiday attire. Your Maki Boy looks great. That Teresa looks like Surf City Teresa to me. Your LIV-clone is sold in a supermarket in my area. The name on her box is Abbie and the turquoise dress your Maki girl is wearing is one of the original dresses of the Abbies. I bought one of them for her lovely face and then got a couple more for their bodies. OK, I admit it, also for their clothes lol.

    • barbielea July 26, 2015 at 4:15 pm #

      Thanks Andrea 🙂 I’ve had a look into it and I agree, Surf City looks about right. Somebody on Instagram told me that the clone was called Abbie too, you are lucky to have them at your supermarket! I’ve never seen them for sale over here, although I suppose they must be seeing as this one turned up. Yes, I stole SilverGrey’s dress from her. In another part of the photoshoot which I haven’t featured here, she was riding a unicorn and I didn’t have anything suitable until the Abbie doll turned up!

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