Luna Motthews 

24 Oct

The Boo York range has all been pretty good, and I haven’t finished buying from it yet, but my favourite has to be Luna. I love her silent film star looks – I wish they had given her a little flapper bob. 

I’m not sure the Mothman is a monster really – wouldn’t the Daughter of the Death’s Head Moth have been better? Still, she’s an interesting and unusual doll. Things I like: 

* Her permanently attached antenna, which I never noticed until I deboxed her. They are black, like her hair. I like the fact that they are not overstated. I also like that they are echoed by the way her eyebrows have been drawn. 

* Her enormous eyes, which are red and patterned with hexagons. They must be the biggest, most soulful eyes ever seen on a Monster, don’t you think? 

* Black lips … 

* Her golden headdress, like an ornate picture frame around her face. I love the fact that you can take out the tag that clips it to her head and because it actually attaches to her by two prongs that fit into her earring holes, it stays in place. 

* Her shoes: 

* Her outfit, which is simple, apart from her wings/ train. It kind of reminds me of Lea from The Look City Shine’s outfit. And it’s great that there’s no pink in sight: 


Things I’m not so keen on: 

* Her wings unclip at the back, and the point where they join together is rather ugly. 

* I’m not completely repulsed by her yellowish, glowy skin colour, but then I’m not completely convinced either. 

* Hair full of gunk (again). 

That’s it! Love her. What do you think? 








2 Responses to “Luna Motthews ”

  1. Blackkitty October 25, 2015 at 6:26 pm #

    I need to stop reading your reviews. I thought I was safe from insect dolls (which I hate by default) but now I want this one.

    • barbielea October 26, 2015 at 12:29 am #

      Sorry about that Blackkitty 🙂 come on though, she’s the Gothmoth! I quite like insects myself, especially moths and butterflies. Their eyes are so cute …

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