Tackling Doll Box Mountain – Glam Nights Barbie

21 Feb

I’ve managed a really appallingly low amount of posts this year. Part of the issue has been some RL stuff I’ve had going on, but Doll Box Mountain has been impacting on my motivation too. I have so many boxed dolls! Some were things I had hanging around from last year, some were bargains I picked up in the pre and post holiday sales, and some were Christmas presents. The problem is that usually, when I am faced with a lot of dolls to unbox, I simply can’t make my mind up about where to start. I suppose I could just sit down for a couple of hours and blitz them all, but on the other hand I do like to spend time with a doll after deboxing, especially if I am going to take photos and write a post. Every time I’d made my mind up about which one should come out first, I’d start thinking, but what if I just don’t enjoy it because I wish I’d deboxed something different? Of course, all this is terribly crazy and neurotic, but that’s kind of my point – boxed dolls make me crazy, I just can’t help it.

I finally decided to start with a Monster High who was something I’d wanted for ages. However, as I’d predicted, I didn’t enjoy deboxing her, I couldn’t think of anything to write about her and my pictures were awful. So, I switched my focus. For a few days now I’ve been concentrating instead on building my first permanent diorama in the doll room (fun! I’ll post it when I’ve finished) and I’ve also been working on some of my character dolls’ biographies. This has cheered me up to the point where I could finally face opening a box again.

I’ve come away to visit my parents and I’ve only brought two boxed dolls with me so I’m not overburdened with choice. The one I started with this evening is a doll I picked up on sale, my first new, “Millie” sculpt Barbie. After feeling a bit underwhelmed initially, I’ve warmed to this sculpt and of course social media is full of very pretty pictures of her, so it’s nice to have my own version at last.



Yes, it’s the “Glam Night” Barbie. Now, this girl has rigid legs, which is unfortunate, but at least she has pivotal arms. Her outfit is OK – not brilliant, but acceptable – and she comes with a bag and some makeup accessories, so bearing in mind that she didn’t cost all that much I don’t think I’ve got room to complain.

Being at the P’s generally means nice scenery, but today we’ve had pretty much constant rain which meant we couldn’t get out and about. However, I was determined to break my blogging drought and I managed a few pictures that I think are passable:


Actually, the more I look at her, the more I like her. I particularly like the thick eyebrows, which give her a modern, youthful look. What do you think about this most recent Barbie face?




2 Responses to “Tackling Doll Box Mountain – Glam Nights Barbie”

  1. Andrea February 21, 2016 at 4:04 pm #

    She is cute, I like the dreamy look this sculpt often has. I didn’t get the Barbie from this line though. Neko ( which seems to be the new name for Lea) got in the way. She was the next doll on the shelf and who can resist an Asian doll? It escapes me, why they gave them articulated arms but stiff legs. So you finally have your doll room, congratulations. I can hardly wait to see your first diorama.

    • barbielea February 21, 2016 at 6:48 pm #

      Hi Andrea 🙂 yes, the modern Lea/ Neko was my first pick from this line too, but when the others went on big sale I ended up with them all. I think that they were testing the limits of the market with these half articulated, mid-priced dolls. After all, it must be cheaper and easier (I presume?) to provide less articulation, and the popular Classic Disney Princess range has done very well with articulated arms only. Because they ended up on sale, I can only presume that, if it was an experiment, it was an unsuccessful one. I can’t say I’m surprised. The Princesses got away with it because they have long dresses and their legs aren’t completely stiff either, they have clicky knee joints so they can sit down. Also, nobody was ever going to buy the Glam Nights dolls for rebodying purposes, the way they did with the old articulated Fashionistas and the LITD/ Style dolls, so that would have limited their market too.

      Yes, I do have my doll room now, although it still needs a lot of work. My diorama has been loads of fun to do, I’m excited to get it finished and post about it!

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