Ghost of Christmas Presents 2015 – Lea 46 and friend 

27 Feb


These two basic dolls were my Christmas present from my son this year. I only wanted the Lea, really, but I lingered a bit over the Theresa too which was obviously noticed by someone because on Christmas Day, there she was. 

Of course, both are basic models. I always think that these kind of dolls are designed for younger children who are just starting to get interested in Barbie. I think the simplicity of their face-ups reflects this – Theresa in particular has a fresh-faced, youthful look that’s really quite appealing. As I’ve said before, I feel I have far too many Summer sculpts with this colouring, but she is a particularly cute one. 


About the dresses: they are very cheap and unfortunately the pattern does not go around the back, but actually I really like the print and the simple, high-necked shape. I adore the little plastic belts with the bows which clip on like a hairband, it just finishes things off nicely. In the past, these sort of dolls have generally come dressed in tight-fitting knicker flashers, and while I have no particular moral objection to this its a nice change to see them looking so demure. 

This Lea is, of course, terrible pretty: 

… But we’ve seen that face before recently, haven’t we? 

Yes, she’s the double of the recent Glam Nights Lea. I think she may have one or two more eyelashes but otherwise the faceup is identical. I do think it wouldn’t have taken loads of effort to change her a little bit – a paler lip, for instance, to tie in with Summer/ Theresa’s very natural look, or a lighter shade of eyeshadow maybe. I admit it’s a GREAT look, but did we need to see it again so soon, and so precisely duplicated? We Lea collectors thought that the brown-eyed, brown-skinned, brown-haired Fashion Fever dolls were hard to tell apart? Well, that’s going to be nothing compared to the ID problems posed by these dolls once they get on the second-hand market. 

Of course, as long as they don’t get rebodied in the way, the bodies will be the best way of telling these two apart in future (another sign – Glam Night’s hair is also slightly highlighted whereas the basic doll’s is solidly dark brown). Glam Night has the pivotal arms and rigid legs that this wave were all given, and she also has flat feet. On the other hand, basic Lea’s body is the cheapest playline body available, sometimes known as the “zombie” body because of the way her hands are molded palm backwards/ downwards. These bodies only have four points of articulation, not counting the neck which is one of those that will move from side to side only (no up/ down or side to side). While I don’t particularly like these bodies, I do understand that they are nice and simple for young kids and to be honest, if we must have stiff bodies I think I prefer this more neutral stance to the one-bent-arm/ one-leg-forward pose we see in the current Fashionista bodies. Still, I think I’ll be rebodying this basic girl soon, as it just makes dolls a bit more versatile.

Whatever. Of course, I LOVE the fact that Lea is now being widely used even on the most common and basic of dolls, and I hope this trend continues for some time to come. Like, forever, maybe … 



7 Responses to “Ghost of Christmas Presents 2015 – Lea 46 and friend ”

  1. Chicovintage February 28, 2016 at 11:05 am #

    That Lea is amazing! you are very lucky to have her, she has not been released in Spain, i had to get her on the USA (5 usd) , a very basic doll, but beautiful indeed. Yes, i definetely agree with you, all the leas are very similar looking, mainly slanted eyed, raven haired pink lipstick girls, but at least glam night , this basic edition and even endless hair are a nice change, even being very generic looking too. I am overjoyed about the fact she´s in the playline again, and i´ll get every single one

    • barbielea March 4, 2016 at 12:02 pm #

      Hi Chico x yes, I was lucky to have get this one but the basic Lea in the White dress and also Endless Hair haven’t shown up here yet 😦 I will wait a while to see if they appear (Endless Hair is even in Australia so why not the UK???) and if not, I’ll try to source them from elsewhere. I agree though – it’s a nice challenge to face 🙂

  2. Andrea March 1, 2016 at 9:47 am #

    She is so beautiful. I love the shot of the two Lea’s faces, cuteness overload. Actually both girls would deserve a real Fashionista body. As for Teresa, she is cute, but that mold is used so often, I would have totally overlooked her in the presence of a Lea. The print of the dresses is cute and I might be tempted if they were full dresses, but I don’t care for the fabric fibre itself. Nylon is a fibre I don’t like to touch.

    Leas in the playline forever sounds great for me too..

    • barbielea March 4, 2016 at 12:04 pm #

      Hi Andrea 🙂 maybe I will rebody both, I will see. Your nylon aversion must be a problem for you! These days, even collector level dolls come in nylon a lot of the time, although admittedly not as nylon-y as this nylon. Isn’t it a shame they didn’t make it to go around the back??

  3. D. Eng March 31, 2016 at 8:10 pm #

    Omigosh, I just discovered your blog and love it! I’ve loved dolls all my life and recently started collecting again fueled by the release of the Made-to-Move Lea and the Red Ruby Fashionista. I’ve acquired quite a few Leas along with Fashion Fever, Basics and action figures. I look forward to going through your blog more thoroughly but didn’t see the Glitz Coral dress which is very similar to the one in this post. I just ordered the Blair from the 12 Dancing Princesses and she seems similar to another dancing doll in another post. My photography is rather primitive so I’m enjoying vicariously the posts of others.

    • barbielea April 8, 2016 at 11:14 pm #

      Hello D and Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog!

    • barbielea April 8, 2016 at 11:18 pm #

      No, Coral is eluding me – I don’t think she’s on general sale in my Country – but I won’t be freaking out too much if I can’t find her because as you say, she’s very similar to the other basic Lea-faced dolls currently out there. However, there seems to be a distribution problem which means the Red Fashionista is quite hard to find right now, and I’m more annoyed about that. I. Just keeping everything crossed that they sort that out so I can get my grubby paws on her soon! 🙂

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