Hanami 2016 – Through The Looking Glass Mad Hatter 

10 May

I was really, really sad to have missed out on the 2010 Pink Label Mattel Hatter, so when I heard about the new Disney dolls based on the upcoming Tim Burton film, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, I knew that he would be my primo target doll. Maybe I’ll pick up some of the others eventually, but for now I’m quite happy with this one. 

I don’t think he has quite the uncanny resemblance to the character that the Mattel 2010 version had, but he’s pretty good for playline. His costume is wonderful – just perfect. Having looked at some film stills, I can’t fault it at all. His hat is a little annoying, though, as it’s attached to his head by a tag and I think that if this were removed, it would be pretty hard to get it to stay on (it actually falls backwards unless you push it on firmly as it is). I was a little disappointed to find that his articulation wasn’t everything that I’d hoped. He has jointed elbows and knees, but his head only moves side-to-side and he doesn’t have jointed wrists. Oh well. Maybe I’m just being greedy, it’s better than the articulation on many of these not-quite-collector level dolls, which I think are often destined for display rather than play. 

His face is great from some angles, but I don’t think the sculpt is quite right somehow. The painting on my version is a little uneven, with heavier shading on one side of the nose than on the other. I will say this for him, though  – he has that Hatter mix of eccentricity and scariness down to a tee. 


2 Responses to “Hanami 2016 – Through The Looking Glass Mad Hatter ”

  1. Andrea May 12, 2016 at 9:20 pm #

    He looks great. I like, that they gave him these crazy eyes and the real furry eyebrows. Now that is a mad Mad Hatter.

    • barbielea May 14, 2016 at 9:03 pm #

      Hi Andrea 🙂 yes, the real eyebrows are a nice touch. There’s a Jakks Mad Hatter who is actually pretty well done, but his eyebrows are painted on and it doesn’t look as good.

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