Fashionistas – Punk Princesses 

4 Jun

The new-wave Fashionistas have certainly included some original dolls, and some of the most popular ones (although actually, there’s been a LOT of popular ones) have had a style that could reasonably be described as alternative. I particularly like the fact that quite a few of these dolls have fantasy hair colours or streaks. Dying your hair in shades that do not appear in nature is relatively common these days and it’s nice to see Barbie reflecting this trend in the realistic lines, instead of confining it to the Fairies and Mermaids. 

When it comes to alternative-looking Fashionistas, two dolls in particular spring to mind and I feel lucky to have them both. First off, there’s last years’ “LA Girl” (to give her the name from her teeshirt slogan – she is also sometimes called Elizabeth by some collectors, although strictly speaking she doesn’t have a Box Name). 

There’s a lot of unusual features on this striking doll – the beauty mark, the thick, Cara Delivigne eyebrows, the shaved head, the pink streaks, the PVC skirt. There’s also the fact that she utilises the beautiful contemporary Skipper sculpt. If she had violet eyes, maybe we could even think of her as Skipper (who is also find of rocking the fantasy-coloured streaks) in five years’ time. LA Girl has ended up being one of the more hard-to-find and popular Fashionistas, and she’s also inspired a lot of very beautiful re-roots and makeovers that have appeared on various social media platforms. 

Secondly, there’s this years’ Punk Princess, Number 18, who is also known as “Va-Va-Violet”. Don’t you love the use of these hair and outfit referencing names, which are so reminiscent of the names for Barbies and outfits in the 60s and 70s? 

I absolutely love both the colour of her hair and the slanted-bob style, and I think this combination of colour and style gives her a lovely, fresh, modern look. I do wish they hadn’t slathered it with so much gunk in the box, but on the plus side, I’ve found its easy to remove with a little wash-through. She also features those on-trend thick eyebrows on a pretty naturally made-up, modern Theresa face – I think that this is one of the best new sculpts and although I do like Millie, I’m surprised they didn’t use it for Barbie herself. 

Anyhoo , here are both girls deboxed and posed on front of a few of Mr Bat’s records (I think either of these girls would be quite at home listening to The Kills or PJ Harvey). Do let me know what you think of them – do you have them? Like them? Does their style appeal to you? 


3 Responses to “Fashionistas – Punk Princesses ”

  1. Holly June 5, 2016 at 2:48 am #

    I didn’t like the look of the Violet one, but now I do! I haven’t tried washing out hair that’s hard like that before -I was always afraid of ruining it- but I think I’ll try it now. Beautiful dolls!

    • barbielea June 6, 2016 at 9:33 am #

      Thanks Holly, they are 🙂 I understand your concern about washing hairstyles out, the first doll whose hair I washed through was a Cleo De Nile and I was so afraid of ruining her! But if you try to brush it out it will leave a horrible white residue like dandruff and will be prone to sticking up. Washing works better – promise! I know it sounds weird but on dolls with lots of gel, I usually use a little bit of washing up liquid, which shifts the gel better than shampoo. Good luck!

  2. Andrea June 6, 2016 at 12:16 pm #

    L.A. Girl lives here, she was the most interesting doll in the Fashionistas line from last year. Va-Va-Violet didn’t show up on the doll shelves around me yet, but when she does and I still like her in person, she will move in. So will number 27 Sweetheart Stripes with her midnight blue hair.

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