Happy Father’s Day! 

19 Jun

It’s Father’s Day and in our house, it’s not surprising that this makes us think of Batman, as my Mr Bat has been a Batman enthusiast and memorabilia collector for a long time. The Batman I’m showing you today is the new Barbie Collector-level doll based on Ben Affleck in “Batman vs Superman”, and he’s an interesting guy in many ways. 

(That’s him on the box). Firstly, he’s a celebrity doll and while he doesn’t look staggeringly like Ben Affleck, he doesn’t look staggeringly unlike him, either, which is always nice: 

As you can see, he has a custom face sculpt and they have actually given him Ben’s beauty spots, which is a nice touch (FYI: is it sexist that it sounds wrong to say “beauty spot” for a man?? Can anybody think of a better word?). Personally, I’m not a big fan of painted hair, but I get that otherwise he’d pretty much constantly have a bad case of “helmet hair” from wearing his batmask, so it’s probably the best solution. 

I was keen to see how his outfit was put together, seeing as it’s quite figure-hugging and complicated. For a horrible minute, I was worried that it would actually be moulded on to his body, but no. Some thought has obviously gone into its construction – the batmask and the gauntlets are very soft rubber, so you can flex them over the chin and the hands to get them off. Great idea, but I’ll be interested to see whether they perish and harden over time, I kind of suspect that they might. His cape (which fastens with Velcro under his mask and can be removed separately to the rest of his outfit) is soft pleather, which gives it a nice, weighty way of hanging. The actual costume itself is made of fabric and although it is sewn on, I’m pretty confident that it could be unpicked and converted to fastening closure at the back. I was disappointed but not surprised to find that under his gauntlets, it ends a little before his wrist in a three quarter sleeve, which doesn’t look great. Same with the legs under the boots. Fabric saving move (every little helps!) or just to stop it ruckling up underneath? You decide … 

And he comes holding a tiny Batarang!! 

Anyhoo, the next, amazingly interesting thing about this Batman is that he features a new, super-muscly body sculpt. This is broader, more defined and (I discovered today) slightly taller than the standard Kens. Plus – and this is the clincher for articulation freaks – he is super-poseable – wrist joints, sprung hips, the works. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t seen more rebodies using him and Superman (who shares this new body type, but is probably better potential rebodying fodder, as he doesn’t have painted-on black-gloved hands like Batman)- not so much in my country, where even black label dolls are still pretty pricey, but certainly amongst American collectors. Then again, I’ve never rebodied a Ken and I don’t know much about it, so maybe it’s not as easy as it first appears … 

Although I’d have preferred a few changes (a removeable outfit, for instance) I still think he’s a great doll who has obviously had a lot of effort and thought put into his design. If you don’t have him already, he’s well worth a look. 

Hope you’ve had a lovely Father’s Day 🙂 x 


2 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day! ”

  1. barbtheevilgenius June 27, 2016 at 1:23 am #

    I’m glad to see what he looks like underneath the mask. Talking about his face, I would probably say “freckle” instead of “beauty mark.” Or maybe “mole,” if it stuck out.

    • barbielea August 14, 2016 at 9:53 pm #

      Thanks Babs – freckle! I like it 🙂

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