Dead Tired Frankie

23 Aug

I’ve loved the Dead Tired wave from afar ever since I first started collecting Monster High, so I was really happy when they got re-released. I’d been thinking about picking up a Dead Tired Frankie (usually my favourite character) second-hand for ages, but seeing this one on the shelf in my local supermarket meant I didn’t have to  go rooting through eBay listings for a version with all the accessories. 

And the accessories are certainly worth having. Surely these slippers have to be some of the greatest Monster High shoes ever produced (even though there’s some stiff competition for that title):

Frankie also comes with a little iPod and speaker set: 

And of course there’s her mask, a nice touch on a bedtime-themed doll that can’t close her eyes. At least her owner can pull on the mask and pretend she’s gone to sleep. 

Overall, she’s simple, like a lot of my favourite Monsters – a nice clear theme, a beautiful faceup (the natural-ish look, or supernaturalish if you prefer) and a well-thought out outfit. As I’ve said before, I just can’t see myself buying many of the reboot dolls – I don’t particularly mind them but very few of them appeal to me enough to make me want to put my hand in my pocket. Lagoona and Abbey are the nicest restyles, I think, but the new Frankie just doesn’t grab me, so I think I’ll probably stick to picking up the back catalogue versions that I don’t have yet. 


2 Responses to “Dead Tired Frankie”

  1. Andrea August 25, 2016 at 1:18 am #

    Actually all of the first release Dead Tired dolls are lovely. Great score finding Frankie at your local supermarket.

  2. barbtheevilgenius August 28, 2016 at 2:11 am #

    Interesting, because Mattel is re-releasing Ever After High dolls as well. However, the EAH ones are generally lacking a couple of details that the original dolls had. It’s great that your Frankie came with all of her accessories. I have to ask though, why the poor girl looks like her feet are detached, second picture from the bottom?

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