Faster Pussycat 

14 Jan

So, tonight’s post happened, really, because of my terrible habit of leaving boxed dolls piling up (I don’t collect boxed dolls, so this just irritates me). You might remember that I pledged to stop doing this but I didn’t – in fact, I think I have more boxed dolls who need unpacking now than I have ever had before. This year, I have made it a New Years Resolution to unbox at least one a day until they are all free. As much as anything, getting all that space back in the doll room/ nursery would be very handy! So far, I’ve mostly been managing to stick to this resolution, and this is how I came to finally get my hands on the lovely Meowlody and Purrsephone in the Wheelin’ Werecats double pack. This is ANOTHER present from Christmas 2015 that I never did anything with, although I looked at it with longing and good intentions many times. I’m so glad I got around to it. 

I never got Ghoulia and her scooter or Draculaura and her car so this is my first MH vehicle (although I do have a Barbie Vespa or two, and at least one car). As a prop, I think it looks great in the box but I’m not so sure about it now that it’s out. My main complaint is lack of stability – there is a little stand underneath to keep it upright but it  doesn’t work very well and it tipped over at least three times while I was taking pics today. Looks-wise, I quite like the colour scheme but what have the bones got to do with anything? Yes, I know they are monsters but other than that, the ribcage basket at the front and the backbone on the footplate just seem a bit random. 

Similarly, I liked but was not entirely sold on the accessories. Little cups? Cute, but we’ve had these loads of times before. The handbags, which are kind of round and covered in straps, are underwhelming as far as I’m concerned. I really like the way the bike helmets are cat ear shaped, but I’m not so keen on the goggles – I think they look a bit out-of-place and I’d have preferred a visor. 

So far, so moany. I tell you what I did like, though – the actual dolls: 

In fact, I absolutely love the dolls. This is my second set of Werecat Twins (my first was Zombie Shake) and I’m impressed. I like the simplicity of the hairstyles, and the way that the hair is layered through rather than all one length. While I’m not completely sold on the yellow and red colour scheme, I have to admit it works well and fits with the “racing” theme. There are two things that have particularly struck me about the dolls in this set – 1). I love the face-ups! They are distinct from the other versions of these dolls (a big plus, don’t you just hate feeling like you are buying the same thing over and over?) and I think Purrsephone in yellow lipstick definitely steals the show. 2). At last, playsuits instead of knicker flashing dresses! I think this is a nice, modern look, and much more practical (and dignified) than the micro-skirts we usually see on MHs. There’s nothing wrong with a mini, but for riding a scooter? I’m glad they went with the shorts. 

By the way – yet again I couldn’t stay away from the Prisma, so just be aware that my filter doesn’t gave you a perfect representation of what the dolls loom like in the plastic (it adds lines where there aren’t any in a few places). That’s it! The twins are currently getting a lot of play time with me, I’m very pleased with them. 

PS. I might not be totally done with MH yet, as I have made a reboot purchase and have plans for a few more, although I’m mostly still focussed on back catalogue (lots of them in Doll Box Mountain).  More of that later … 


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