Pound Shop Clothes Part One – Starring Miscellaneous Monsters 

19 May

Earlier this week I visited two Pound Shops over the course of two days, and I found interesting doll clothes at both. My first day’s find has given me an opportunity to photograph some Monster High dolls who I love, but who, for one reason or another, I am unlikely to ever write individual posts about. 

Here are the outfits: 

As you can see, these sets are manufactured by Funtastic, who seem to be veteran suppliers of the ultra-budget toys usually sold in Pound Shops in the UK. I have seen Barbie-size dress sets made by Funtastic before – they are always made of ribbon and plastic non-fray material, garishly coloured and hastily stitched. They are definitely for kids rather than collectors, and they are not built to last. These Monster High size dresses are the same kind of deal, but I was drawn in by the novelty of finding clothes that would fit these kind of dolls for such a low price. And anyway, I do think that although they are manufactured in a seriously slapdash way and the materials are on the cheap side, actually they are a reasonable low-budget stab at Monster High style. 

So, next, I had to find some ghouls to put them on. First, the Urban Girls: Scaremester Clawdeen and Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi.

Although, as you might remember, some time ago I did an online giveaway of another version of this Clawdeen, my poor Clawdeen has languished in her box until today. I do like her half and half hairdo, and her box outfit and accessories are “old Monster” – detailed and fun. But at this stage I just couldn’t see a reason to take her out and no photo ideas presented themselves. Her dress isn’t particularly well suited to her colour scheme but I think it looks cute on her in a kind of Cerise Hood way, and its my favourite out of all the Funtastic dresses.  

Marisol has been out of the box for a while and I have photographed her a few times, but I never posted about her. I do love this doll! Her face is really endearing, her oversized clawed hands are very photogenic, and like some of my favourite ghouls, she’s got that adorable molded-on wrist and ankle hair. I did want to photograph Marisol in a different dress but because she has the “big sister” body, this was the only one that fitted her. Again, it isn’t quite right for her colour scheme, but I do think it looks rather nice on her.

For the Bella set, my models were Monster Exchange Lagoona and Scaremester Catty Noir: 

I do love a nice Lagoona but I dragged my heels with this one for some crazy reason. I only got her last year. Unfortunately somehow in that relatively short time I managed to misplace the fancy headpiece from her original outfit, so every time I’ve gone to photograph her I’ve decided to put it off until I found it again. Well, who knows when it will turn up? In the meantime, she looks very cute in this little patterned outfit. Unfortunately it is not well made. The back (which, like most of these dresses, opens all the way and is held shut with velcro) is two different lengths,at the skirt hem, and I’m talking by a significant margin. Still, the front is OK, although the bodice could be a little more shaped:

I love Catty as a character but I resisted buying this particular doll for the longest time; I already had two other Cattys and I didn’t want to be greedy. In the end, Mr Bat bought her for me as a gift so I got to enjoy her guilt-free. Catty got the girliest dress of all, and while she doeswas look quite charming in it I don’t think it will last long, as the top of the bodice and the waist of the skirt are already starting to fray. 

Lastly, it turned out that one of the six outfits was unusable. Here’s Rock Chick Mouscedes with the dud dress, can you see the problem?

Yes, for starters, no Monster High head, in fact no doll head that I know of, is EVER going to fit through that tiny ribbon loop. Secondly and rather more problematically, the hearts dress is solid at the back and the material is not very stretchy, so it will not fit over the head or pull up over the bum, not even on a “little sister” body like that of Mouscedes. 

Mouscedes herself is just the cutest thing. I adore her – her thin pink tail, her big round eyes, her overbite, her candyfloss curls. CUTE. So why have I never posted about her? I actually loathe her box outfit. She comes in a fancy gold and black affair that remind me of a particular 90’s Barbie outfit I never liked, and she wears metallic blue accessories which don’t fit with the rest of her look at all as far as I’m concerned. I was a bit sad that I had to dress her in gold and black again as I would have liked to have tried her in a different color, but she was the only one small enough to fit in this admittedly rather stylish black dress, which must have been sewn slightly within the lines where it should have been sewn. In fact, it barely fits her – a bigger Monster would never squeeze into it. 

Well, that’s it for this post, what do you think? Would you have spent 50p each on them, or are your ghouls Designer Only types? More soon 🙂 


One Response to “Pound Shop Clothes Part One – Starring Miscellaneous Monsters ”

  1. BlackKitty May 23, 2017 at 6:31 am #

    These budget outfits are hit and miss. I bought a few on AliExpress but I’ve had enough. Some had nice velcro while others had thick velcro or no opening at all. Maybe I’m just too picky but of ten-ish outfits I bought or received as freebies I only kept a couple of individual pieces. They look nice in photos though.

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