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Adventures in Rebodying -Poor Midge 

18 Apr

Well, not specifically this Midge, but I still remember the repaint of another version of this doll that got wrecked by sealant (although being honest it wasn’t great to start with). Still, I got another version, rebodied her and made her an outfit. I think she looks great, although admittedly this is about the third set of pictures I’ve taken and the first lot I’m happy with. What a comedy of errors! 

By the way, I think I looked her up once but I can’t remember who she is and I’m too busy/ lazy to do it again tonight. ID ideas gratefully accepted, thanks 🙂 

Lea 51 and Friends 

17 Apr

The last of my series of holiday snap posts features three dolls. Firstly, there is Lily, a Hannah Montanah doll who I cleaned up and rebodied recently: 

Secondly, there is Kelli-Anne, who started off as a generic Millie Barbie who came to me with the Sparkle Style Salon: 

I made a few changes to her before we came away on holiday: 

Thirdly, there is the Lea I mentioned in the title. She is part of the current release budget Barbie range (which is fantastic, by the way, with some great faces in there):

As you can see, I rebodied her to a Barbie Style body and while I’m not 100% happy with the colour match, it will do until I can source something better. I’m calling her Briony. 







Skateboarder by the Sea 

16 Apr

I deboxed the new Made To Move Skateboarder just before I left on holiday, so she came with me. She is an absolute beauty with the Curvy face sculpt which is proving so popular right now. I took her out and about in Heysham (near Morcambe) with me and here are the resulting photos. Sadly, I completely forgot to get any of her with helmet and kneepads on, but maybe that wouldn’t have suited the surroundings too well anyway. 

Happy Easter Dollidays 

15 Apr

I hope you are having a great Easter Sunday! I took some nice doll pics while I was away on holiday last week so I thought I would share some of these with you. First up: some snaps from the beach at Heysham (near Morcambe) with Esme and kids: 

Ghost of Christmas Presents 2016 – Collectors Edition Skelita 

28 Mar

I had a moment of clarity last night. I usually hate it when that happens but on this occasion it was a good thing. I have been flagging with my resolution to debox every day until my backlog has gone; although I have clearly failed to meet my target, I stick with it because at least it means that I’m prompted to open two or three dolls a week, rather than none at all. Anyhoo, yesterday I was doing the washing up or changing a nappy or something fascinating of that nature, and I suddenly thought, “hold the phone! Why the hell is that beautiful Skelita still unused and in the box? Have I gone crazy??” And so I decided to put this ridiculous situation to rights. 

Now, let me just say that I do absolutely love this doll. I mention this because I’m going to talk about a lot of things I would have liked to see done differently, but none of them have really made me regret asking for her for Christmas. Actually, as we are on the subject now, lets start off with “things that could have been better”: 

* Box hair! Is that meant to be wavy, or crimped, or just ratted-up? On budget dolls – OK. On special edition dolls – no. 

* To paraphrase Beetlejuice: if Mattel don’t stop producing headgear that is tagged into place and can’t be properly reattached, I will go insane and I WILL TAKE YOU WITH ME. Stop. Please stop, Mattel. Right now. 

* Two-colour accessories. The headpiece, shoes and hairclips are hot pink with big blobs of yellow paint. They could have looked so nice with just a little more care and attention. Maybe I will do this myself, if I ever get around to it that is … 

* Limb issues. My Skelita’s joints are really stiff and because her limbs are thin, they actually bend in a scary, we-might-snap-at-any-minute kind of way. I have at least three other Skelitas and they don’t have this issue, so why should the fancy Skelita suffer from it?? 

* I’m not really sure if this is a criticism or just an observation – the painted shape of Skelita’s mouth does not follow the moulded line of her face sculpt’s mouth, and if you look at it the right (or wrong) way, this becomes more and more apparent. Looks a bit weird. 

So, why do I like her, then? The main thing I love about this doll is that faceup. Its just lovely – the subtle flowers on her cheeks, the fuller lips. Beautiful. Her dress is also loads of fun, with the large flower print on her skirt and the lace edging. And even though I’m not the biggest fan of those oversize hairclips, she really does suit bunches.

Mother’s Day – DC Superhero Girls 

27 Mar

Yesterday for Mother’s Day I received two dolls – DC Superhero Girls Wonderwoman from my daughter, and Supergirl from my son (both via Mr Bat, of course 😀). I already have another DC Girl who I got for Christmas and STILL haven’t posted about, so I’ll have to come back to her another time. 

Before I start: I am vaguely aware that these dolls are based on a cartoon but after my frankly disappointing experience with the Monster High movies, I’ve not bothered looking them up. If anybody has seen the Superhero Girls in action and has feedback they would like to share, please do leave a comment. 

These dolls are probably not for everyone; with their simple sculpts and primary colours, they are very playline. However, they have struck a chord with some collectors, and I am one of them. I really like them. There’s at least one more I plan to get, and I will be keeping an eye out for future releases with great interest (fingers crossed for Catwoman!!)

So, what’s to like? The main thing for me with these dolls is how substantial they are. They are slightly taller than a Barbie or a Monster High doll, with thicker, more muscly limbs. They are also fully poseable (there are other, less poseable, always-dressed versions too though). They even have a torso joint. Here’s a body comparison (if you’re naked doll averse, best look away now): 

(Apologies for the great big head shadow, by the way, hopefully you can still see the bodies well enough). As you can see, Supergirl has arms that are rather like a Made To Move Barbie’s, but more muscular. She has pronounced forearm muscles, although her upper arms are a little weedier than you might have expected (maybe to ensure you can get her clothes on.smoothly). Her hands detach at the wrist like a MH doll. Her legs are even longer than a MH doll’s but much thicker, and her torso is has the MH/ EAH “pear”shape, widening to about the same width as Barbie at the hip. I am so pleased that they have even more joints than Monster High dolls – its fitting that active characters are flexible and poseable. Both also have hands designed to actually hold things (like Womderwoman’s lasso) which is another nice touch.

I was interested in the DC doll feet. As you’ll see later, these dolls come with some pretty cute shoes of their own but its always handy to know who they can share with. Their feet resemble Monster High feet, but standard MH shoes are much too small. I did have some success with Nefara’s open-toed sandals. However the slope of the DC Girl foot is shallower than that of a Monster, so I’m betting that closed shoes wouldn’t work at all. Even with the sandals, the heel is at the wrong angle so the doll would no longer stand unsupported while wearing them, which she does quite nicely in her own shoes. 

Clothes-wise, should you wish to re-dress your doll, a mix and match approach might work best. Barbie skirts (but not pants, unless they are very stretchy) will fit – some tops might work well, but a lot will be too wide. Monster High clothes are probably not going to work, though, even “big sister” size. Nefara’s dress didn’t even pull up over Supergirl’s preciously chunky thighs: 

I also actually really like their faces. Yes, they are cartoony but as they are based on cartoon characters I’m fine with this. I like Wonderwoman’s slightly upturned eyes better as I think that Supergirl looks slightly manic from some angles with her full-on stare, but honestly, they’re both cute. 

Outfit-wise, both are pretty simply dressed in a version of their standard costumes. I was interested to note that Supergirl’s dress is a little longer than I remember it being in my youth, and Wonderwoman now wears leggings over her superhero swimsuit. I am guessing that the designers were briefed against making the costumes too sexy, given how newsworthy the idea of dolls as role models has been over the last decade or so – no point attracting the wrong kind of attention, is there? I am a bit disappointed that Wonderwoman’s headband is only tagged to her head and couldn’t be reattached once removed. Similarly, once the bands are removed, Supergirl’s headband just rests on her hair. I’m also a little puzzled by the following – Supergirl’s costume does not include underpants, either built-in or separate, but Wonderwoman does have her swimsuit on under her leggings. Why??? Supergirl does have the standard molded-on flesh coloured knickers, but I just feel like she really needs the fabric ones more than Wonderwoman does. Flying girl + skirt + no underpants/ flesh-coloured underpants = potentially huge embarrassment.

What I do like about the costumes is the way the accessories have been integrated. Supergirl’s cape, for instance, which is plastic (allowing it to keep its nice, rippling-in-the-wind look) attaches to her necklace which is in turn sewn into the collar of her dress: 

Ok, why the designers have shown such an interest in making sure the cape is reattachable and that the pieces to make it so are not lost, but not in making sure that headgear is reattachable, I have no idea. But its pretty ingenious. Similarly, Wonderwoman is holding her lasso in the box: 

But if you look to the right-hand side of her belt there’s actually a place to attach it when she’s not using it! *round of applause for whoever thought of this*. 

Next – shoes. I do love doll shoes in general, but the DC Superhero Girls have particularly cute ones. First, Supergirl’s high baseball boots:

So cute! And at first I took it for granted that those socks would just be “tubes” around her lower leg for show, but no: 

Real socks awww!! Next, Wonderwoman: 

I love the shape of them and the little Wonderwoman “wing” at the top. Note as well – no more running in heels for this Superhero 😀 I’m sure that’s a big relief for her after all these years …

Well, that’s it, apart from my closing photos. Do you have any DC Superhero dolls yet and if not, are you tempted? Or are there other Superhero dolls that you prefer? Let me know. And all you Superheroes, whether you were being a Mum or not yesterday, I hope you had a good one x 

Glam Night Theresa – a Little Repaint 

22 Mar

I dont repaint much now (dolls all over the place are thanking me for that) – but I did recently get some Mr Super Clear, the notoriously hard-to-source king of sealants. So when I deboxed my Glam Night Theresa today and decided she was not a keeper in her current form, I thought I might as well give it another go. 

It was fun to do some painting again and I don’t think she cane out too badly, considering that I was also coochie-cooing at my teething, overtired daughter while painting (hooray for multitasking).