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Alice Special – Skipper in Wonderland

14 Sep

So far in this Alice Special, I’ve featured some Lalaloopsies, a Disney Villain, a Little Dal and one of the new Ever After High dolls. So, you might be asking, where are the actual Barbies? Well, as I said I haven’t managed to get hold of any of the several collector level Alice dolls I’ve been stalking for a while now. But – I do have this fantastic playline Skipper who I like just as much. Skipper dressed as Alice in Wonderland was one of my grails, and I managed to find her loose but still in her original outfit earlier this year. She arrived in great condition, just missing her hairband (easy to replace with a bit of black ribbon) and her shoes. Strangely, I did a bit of research and I noticed that this doll, who dates from 1994, seemed to be boxed without shoes, so maybe I didn’t miss out after all. Even if she wasn’t an Alice doll, I think I’d still really like her – she has my favourite, huge-eyed sculpt and a sweet, natural kind of look.


I have a load of Alice-themed re-ment that was brought over from Japan by my relatives (lucky old me) so of course it followed that I was going to need Skipper to attend a Mad Hatter’s tea party. But with no Mad Hatter, no March Hare and no Dormouse 😦 not much fun … I had a dig round in the doll drawers for some stand-ins.


So, my Dormouse is a Swan Lake Shelly … Ages ago I think I referred to Skipper as my “guilty pleasure”, so God knows what that makes my Kelly/ Shelleys. I only have a few, including three of these Swan Lake ones which I bought from new.

My March Hare is a Delia, one of Chelsea’s friends from the contemporary Amusement Park series. I’ve been seeing these dolls in the shops for a while now and I’ve been dying for an excuse to buy this one in particular. She’s the same size as the So In Style crews’ little mentees, so now my Courtney has a companion doll.

Lastly, my Mad Hatter … Well. The Dormouse and the March Hare were easy, but I couldn’t decide on a Mad Hatter. I kept thinking about this doll then writing her off again. I am not particularly interested in the Summer Sculpt, and I never liked the idea of Swappin Styles somehow (all those disembodied heads, it’s creepy). But when I googled her, I realised she was a perfect Mad Hatter with her tiny topper and her vacant grin, and what’s more she’s a much better doll than I had given her credit for being. I must say, this doll has made me realise that it’s good to step out of your collecting comfort zone sometimes, since I got her I’ve found myself going to the doll drawers now and again to sneak looks at her – something I don’t do very often any more. I love her evil lime-green eyes, much more Cheshire Cat than mad hatter really.









ADDITIONAL: Chico’s mystery Alice, does anybody recognise her? Please leave a comment if so …



Easter Chick Party for the Skippers

1 Apr

Me and my son have had a fine old Easter monday holding an Easter Chick party for the Skippers:


Left to right, we have Teen Skipper, Babysitting Skipper, Beach Blast Skipper, Barbie’s little brother Todd (sat at the front), and an unidentified Skipper and Courtney. These last two have been irritating me for ages. Regarding the Skipper, I have even enlisted assistance and I just can’t trace her. The Courtney on the end came to me dressed in a partial Cool Tops outfit, and although her face is the same, her hair is obviously far too short for Cool Tops (who has the biggest hair I have ever seen on a Barbie, which is no mean achievement when you think about it). Is she a Cool Tops after a trim? Possibly, but I’m just not sure … if anybody has any ideas about the identification of these dolls, please do let me know.



You will also notice that most of the Skippers are wearing the boxed outfits I wrote a post on a little while ago. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should open them, but as I bought them with this intention of using them to clothe my naked Skippers I decided to go ahead with it in the end … as well as the clothes, in the packets I also found a little Teen Time magazine, and some charms for a Skipper bracelet.



Teen Skipper wears a current-wave fashionista dress and poor old Todd is still in the outfit I cobbled together for him after I first got him, as I don’t own any Todd clothes.


My Japanese relatives visited recently, and they came bearing re-ment again (lucky old me!!) which is where all the great party food is from. Actually, most of this was part of a Sylvanian Families set:


Of course, the table and chairs are far too small for Barbie-size dolls, but the rest of the props are very cute and I am sure I will find a use for them …

Anyway, happy Easter everybody. Hope yours is turning out to be as good as mine! x


Skipper Outfits

2 Feb

Today has been pretty demanding, dollywise. Mr Bat had had enough of the mountain of boxed dolls teetering on top of the doll drawers and demanded that I do something about it, the problem being that I had run out of space again so I had nowhere to put them. When I say “run out of space”, what I basically mean is, I have spent the last couple of months stuffing dolls, props and sundries in any spare corner I could find. So I sorted it all out, and miraculously there is space once again …

Anyhoo, while I was working I managed to get all my boxed Skipper clothes in one place. I haven’t intentionally set out to collect boxed Skipper clothes, it just seemed to happen. There are relatively few Skippers to be found on the second-hand market in the UK, so getting hold of dolls in their original outfits for a good price is quite hard. If there’s a Skipper I really want, I often turn to the American second-hand market, which means I have to keep my spending low to avoid import taxes. As a result, a lot of my Skippers arrive naked, or in Barbie clothes that are obviously too big. I want nice clothes to show them off in and the factory-made clothes for these dolls are just too cute. Its hard to identify a loose Skipper outfit from a photo on eBay, but if its in the box at least I know its going to fit. I plan to de-box all these fashions at some point but in the meantime, I thought I would post some pictures from the outfit packaging. These pictures are an education in Skipper fashions by themselves, and I have a better idea of what to look out for on eBay now. Hope you find them useful too.








Skipper 8 – Workout Teen Fun Skipper

1 Jan


My first doll of 2013 is Workout Teen Fun Skipper. This doll has been on my hit list for a little while, and I eventually got her posted over from America. This big-eyed Skipper sculpt from 1987 isn’t particularly easy to find in the UK, especially unusual versions like this green-eyed, curly-haired doll.





Skipper wears her original outfit, which is minus the shoes and one wristband. I have also had a go at re-brushing some of her curls. I have worked out a technique for this now – separate the curl, brush it through and then twirl it with some hair product to redefine it. Overall she’s in pretty good condition, her main fault being the white patchy spots on her legs, which seems to be a common fault in dolls from this time period.

Skipper 7 – Beach Blast

26 Oct

I’ve spent a lot of time just recently trying to identify one of my Skippers, and its been driving me mad. As I mentioned in my post on Babysitting Skipper, identification of these dolls can be tricky. In the end, I gave up on the idea and in her place, I offer you Beach Blast Skipper from 1989. After all the wading through pictures, she was really easy to put a name to (I would feel like quite a smarty pants if it wasn’t for the still-unnamed doll who kicked off all the searching in the first place).


I think that Beach Blast might well have been the Skipper from the Patio Pool Party box, who impressed me so much with her pink eyes. She wears a great outfit which dates from about the same time as she does.


Skipper 5

28 Jul


Its looking very like my interest in Skipper is going to continue. I got this 1987 sculpt Skipper through the post today and I’m so pleased with her. First, I gave her a little wash and a brush-up. Then I ended up making a dress for her – just a quick one, but nevertheless its a measure of how much I like her, as at the moment I seem to have ground to a halt with my projects and haven’t done any re-rooting or sewing at all for quite some time.

Then, I began to think about trying to identify her. I’ve never really looked up Skipper before and to be honest, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but its still a pretty new area for me and I’m sure that sooner or later I will find some reliable sources of information (suggestions welcome). Unfortunately, the search for knowledge led me to the hallowed halls of eBay and I bet you can guess what happened then … still, sometimes eBay is a surprisingly good source of dolly information for identification, I find. The pictures tend to be nice and clear and sellers often give as much information about the doll as they can, so I’ve learned a fair bit today.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t identified my girl in any definite way. I thought perhaps Babysitter Skipper from 1994 (who has three babies to deal with, poor lamb) but I’m still not sure. I also had a think about some of the other Skippers I have featured. The first Skipper, who I sold when I went back to collecting (what an idiot) was a Colour Splash Skipper. I’m going to have to buy another one of these at some point. My second Skipper was a broken-necked 1987 sculpt that we found in the loft. I think she might have been a Baton Twirling Skipper, because I found the hat and baton from this doll in the same bag, but no other Skipper clothes. The third Skipper wasn’t a Skipper at all (thanks for the tip-off, Kewpie!) but a Courtney – I’m thinking maybe Pet Pals from 1991. I still feel justified in thinking of her as a Skipper because, unlike HSM dolls or the younger Dancing Princesses, Courtney was often included in waves with Skipper so kind of came from the Barbieverse rather than a spin-off line, and she shared Skipper’s face sculpt. And the fourth Skipper, who I included in the post with Courtney – well, I was planning to get rid of her right up to the point where I had posted, and then I changed my mind (note to self – never blog about things you have not done yet, you are too indecisive and its embarrassing). And I still have no idea who she is – there’s so many dolls with this sculpt that its going to take me a long time, unless I just get lucky, and it might not even be possible at all. Still, its nice to be learning some new stuff. And in the meantime, I am now expecting the arrival of an absolutely stunning Courtney who I can definitely identify. More on this in due course!