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Skipper 8 – Workout Teen Fun Skipper

1 Jan


My first doll of 2013 is Workout Teen Fun Skipper. This doll has been on my hit list for a little while, and I eventually got her posted over from America. This big-eyed Skipper sculpt from 1987 isn’t particularly easy to find in the UK, especially unusual versions like this green-eyed, curly-haired doll.





Skipper wears her original outfit, which is minus the shoes and one wristband. I have also had a go at re-brushing some of her curls. I have worked out a technique for this now – separate the curl, brush it through and then twirl it with some hair product to redefine it. Overall she’s in pretty good condition, her main fault being the white patchy spots on her legs, which seems to be a common fault in dolls from this time period.